Article list is one of many page items that you can put into section.

Item type
You have to select if you want to show products or articles - if you select products category to be shown, you have to select product item type.
In this section you can set the maximal count of the shown articles. 

Items per line
You can set, how many articles has to be shown in one line. Best count is from 1 to 5.

List type
Basically you can choose from 8 different List types. Every List type shows articles different way.

Sort type
In different article lists you can sort your articles as you want. You can sort articles by a position number, alphabetically by the date of creating or randomly.

Display type
You can choose if you want your article list to have filter for categories or if it should be a listing slideshow or show just a few first articles with "Show more" button. Or just a list with nothing special.
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How to add an article list

If you want your articles to be shown on your website, you have to create an article list where those articles will show their preview.