To set new article is really easy.
In title section you type title of news or reference you would like to add.
URL will be added automatically after save so you don't have to fill it.

There are two text fileds
- TEXT 1 which usually has been shown in the preview of the article in article list on the page
- TEXT 2 which usually has been shown after clicking to the detail of an article

Also you can add some paramaters to an article for better overview in the article lists - how to create parameters and category you can find in different videotutorial.

Most important thing you have to set in an arcticle is to choose the right category - so if you are adding a reference, then you choose category probably called "References".
Article lists which are showing the articles on the website mostly shown them by their category.

If you want to display your article for a limited time (for example 1 month or the end of year), you can set the visibility of the article in the right column.
Content / Pages

How to add news/references

Add news or references is not a big deal in our administration.
You have to move yourself in Article/Photogallery section and add new article.

Simple commissioning of the

321 WEB is a easy tool that includes all the functions important & nbsp; for creating your own website and subsequent administration without the need for installation.  

It is also suitable for computer beginners. 

Technical support

Our technical support is at your disposal 24/7. If necessary, we will help you set up and complete your website.

For demanding customers, we have individual tailor-made solutions available.

Quick edits

Add news and edit contacts quickly and easily. From now on, you don't have to wait for a programmer and you will make all the necessary changes to the site yourself in a few minutes.

How to make 321 web work?

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