You can not mirror contact forms!

With one "mirroring item" page item you can mirror the whole section or only one page item from the specific section. If you wanted to mirror more than one different page items from the same section, you have to create new "mirroring item" and do the mirroring process again.
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How to mirror items

Mirroring items will make your work easier when you want to have same content on more places.

When you want to mirror some page item you have to know it's "path" in the administation. This path is folded like this:
Page Section Page item

When you want to edit a mirrored item then you have to follow this path. The changes will take effect on every page where did you mirrored it.

Simple commissioning of the

321 WEB is a easy tool that includes all the functions important & nbsp; for creating your own website and subsequent administration without the need for installation.  

It is also suitable for computer beginners. 

Technical support

Our technical support is at your disposal 24/7. If necessary, we will help you set up and complete your website.

For demanding customers, we have individual tailor-made solutions available.

Quick edits

Add news and edit contacts quickly and easily. From now on, you don't have to wait for a programmer and you will make all the necessary changes to the site yourself in a few minutes.

How to make 321 web work?

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