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SDK Real estate agency

Ing. Jiří Knotek (Majitel realitní kanceláře)

The real estate agency SDK-reality was founded in 2001 as a limited liability company without foreign capital and foreign know-how. It is still owned by the same founder and is a purely Czech company. During our presence on the domestic market, we have been able to grow into one of the largest real estate agencies in such a demanding field as real estate trading.

The success of a company lies primarily in the selection of its people. We always try to choose among our employees and co-workers people who already have their life experience. They have children, pay a mortgage on an apartment or a house, or have already sold their property, for example, from their grandparents. SDK reality chooses such collaborators who, thanks to their experience, can already empathize with the feelings of sellers or buyers of clients. The owner and his wife run it as a company with a family atmosphere.

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