Mobile / responsive website

Flexibilní struktury se dosahuje pomocí procentních šířek. Jednotlivé šířky elementů tak nejsou zadávány v pixelech, nýbrž v procentech. Takto připravená struktura pak reaguje na různé šířky nejrůznějších zařízení.
Co umím

Mobile / responsive website

Part of the content management system of the website is a responsive design that ensures optimal display of websites for all types of mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).
  • social network icons navigation menu
  • optimized for mobile / tablet
  • text size on the device without zooming
  • the user only scrolls vertically and horizontally
  • visible call 2 action elements

Simple commissioning of the

321 WEB is a easy tool that includes all the functions important & nbsp; for creating your own website and subsequent administration without the need for installation.  

It is also suitable for computer beginners. 

Technical support

Our technical support is at your disposal 24/7. If necessary, we will help you set up and complete your website.

For demanding customers, we have individual tailor-made solutions available.

Quick edits

Add news and edit contacts quickly and easily. From now on, you don't have to wait for a programmer and you will make all the necessary changes to the site yourself in a few minutes.

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